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  • nursulistiawati (Nur Sulistiawati)
    Happy monthsary my love. God gives me one more month to be with you. So grateful ♥
    21 minutes and 38 seconds ago from Twitter for BlackBerry®
    Celebrating the now with intensional breaths of gratitude...embracing my role in this cocreation of a peaceful abundant reality...
    29 minutes and 55 seconds ago from Twitter for iPhone
  • rileyisachamp (Riley)
    You're never happy with any decision you make because you are incapable of understanding gratitude and that's the cold hard truth.
    32 minutes and 19 seconds ago from Twitter for iPhone
  • elorakdshn (Kimberly Götze)
    So yeah, as long as I can still cry or feel happy because of you, take that in gratitude. Because you still mean something to me
    40 minutes and 46 seconds ago from Twitter for iPhone
  • goodcleanlove (Good Clean Love)
    Happy Thursday all our new followers! #gratitude
    50 minutes and 20 seconds ago from Twitter Web Client
  • lisadieken (Lisa Dieken)
    By becoming your Divine Self you are helping to create a world of peace, harmony, love and abundance for all. -Lisa Dieken #fb
    2 hours and 0 minutes ago from
  • ShannonAlton (Shannon Alton)
    Positive Thinking: Aww! You make my days worth living, my friend. You make my life abundant & you fill it w/ love. "You" make me happy. TY
    2 hours and 19 minutes ago from Twitter Web Client
  • EmonHaley (@rhwobssessed15)
    @dinamanzo so happy u r back,love to c u each wk & learn from ur spirituality. xoxoxo Lexi, absolutely a delight.
    2 hours and 30 minutes ago from Twitter Web Client
  • 426roj (rogiemae joguilon)
    I choose to live with gratitude for the LOVE that fills my heart, the PEACE that rests within my…
    2 hours and 48 minutes ago from Instagram
  • MyDogAteLA (Harmony Baudelaire)
    I dream of a trip to the UK to visit friends. It'd make me so happy. I'd love to get out of this depression for a bit. Donations welcome. ;)
    3 hours and 44 minutes ago from Twitter for iPhone
  • LisaNRodriguez (Lisa Nell Rodriguez)
    @Gustin85 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JON!! I hope your day is filled with joy and this is the best birthday ever.
    3 hours and 56 minutes ago from Twitter for Android
  • Dannigirl222 (Danielle Amy Boddy)
    “A good life is a series of joyful meetings and joyful moments. ” — Francis Bacon #loveyourlife #behappy
    3 hours and 57 minutes ago from Hootsuite
  • susanstephens71 (Susan Stephens)
    @DiamondDiva96 You are a beautiful person. I feel your peace and joy❤️
    3 hours and 57 minutes ago from Twitter for iPhone
  • HoosierNPC (Christina)
    I intend to be FURIOUSLY HAPPY, you'll have to rip joy from my hands because I won't surrender it.
    4 hours and 11 minutes ago from Plume for Android
  • GreatEloquency (GreatEloquency)
    Jude 1:2 Mercy, peace and #love be yours in abundance.
    4 hours and 16 minutes ago from Twitter Web Client

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